Pinto is very shy with humans at first, but warms up once he’s settled in and knows he can trust you. He absolutely HAS to have at least one other dog with him, and he has done well with almost every dog he’s met. There have only been a couple of dogs that he hasn’t gotten along with, and they have all been very dominant with him. Pinto loves, loves, loves playing with dogs his size and temperament! He also likes cats (his trainer has two that share the bunkhouse with the dogs)!

The only caveat for Pinto in a home is no young children. He doesn’t understand what is happening if he is cornered, and that is when he may react negatively. Young children can’t understand this, and because of that pose a risk.

Pinto is crate trained, and really enjoys being in his crate. He will go to his crate when he’s ready for a nap. He is house trained, walks perfect on-leash, and is a really smart boy.
Please help us find Pinto’s furever home ASAP! Anyone interested in Pinto, can contact us through messenger or email to set up a meet and greet.