Spay-ghetti Dinner To-Go & Online Auction

“Spay-ghetti Dinner To-Go & Online Auction” is happening!  The online auction is OPEN NOW and ready for the fun to start!

Access the auction here:  We have a little bit of everything – handmade quilts, collectibles, home decor, pet accessories, and more!  Bidding closes on October 14, 2021*.

On October 16, 2021, join us at the Taylor SPJST Hall from noon to 2pm, to pick-up your auction winnings and a spaghetti meal to-go.  All tickets sold in 2020 will be honored.  If you no longer have your ticket, email us at to be put on the guest list.  If you didn’t purchase a ticket, plates will be available the day-of for a $10 suggested donation.

Remember, this is a FUNdraiser and we can’t continue to help the animals in need without YOUR help and support!  So, bid often and bid HIGH!

Proceeds will help us continue our mission of providing for the urgent medical and preventive care of the shelter pets located at our local Taylor Animal Shelter, as well as spay/neuter services for community pets in need.

*Please note, you must create an account at Bidding Owl in order to place a bid.  Rest assured your information is always kept private and secure!

**If you prefer to have your item(s) shipped, or request other pick-up arrangements, indicate your selection at auction checkout.

July 4th Pet Safety Tips For You and Your Dogs and Cats

It’s that time of year – picnics, family, food and fireworks! It’s typically fun for all – unless you are a family pet. While many of us consider our pets to be part of the family, and we want to include them in our fun, some activities can be frightening, dangerous or even fatal to our beloved pets. Keep in mind that a dog’s sense of hearing is more than four times that of a human, and a cat can hear 1.6 octaves above the range of a human – so if it is loud for you, it can be extremely frightening for you pet. They don’t understand what is happening and will try to get away by any means – digging, climbing, running – even injuring themselves in the process. Below is a great infographic from PetFinder with a few tips to help you and your furry friend have a safe and enjoyable July 4th celebration – and many more pawsitively wonderful moments together. (And if you are thinking of adopting a pet this year, please check out a list of available pets on PetFinder.)
July 4th Pet Safety Tips for you and your dogs and cats


To Recap, Here are eight safety tips for this July 4th

  1. Be sure your pet is wearing up-to-date and visible ID tag on his or her collar at all times, and consider microchipping.
  2. Take a current photo of your pet just in case.
  3. Exercise your dog early in the day before the party begins.
  4. During cookouts, ask guests to play with your dog away from the flames.
  5. Keep charcoal, fireworks, sparklers and glow sticks far away from curious canines and felines.
  6. Keep dog treats on hand for those who want to give your pet food.
  7. Leave your dog at home with a frozen stuffed treat during the fireworks.
  8. If your dog is afraid of loud noises, leave gentle music playing to cover the fireworks.

Tractor Supply Adoption Event / Meet & Greet

Say Hello to the Kitties & the Crusaders

Join us this Saturday, September 17, 2016! Texas Critter Crusaders will be helping the Taylor Animal Shelter with an adoption event and meet and greet at Tractor Supply in Taylor, TX. Come out and meet some precious kitties available for adoption, say hello to the Crusaders, and find out what you can do to help the animals at Taylor Animal Shelter!

Pet Appreciation Week

The event is part of Tractor Supply Company’s big Pet Appreciation Week – 2016! Pet Appreciation Week will feature a main event on Saturday, Sept. 17, including in-store pet adoptions with community groups, $200 worth of prizes and giveaways in each store, and samples of select pet products. Learn more from the Tractor Supply Co.’s website, or just plan to stop by and see us!

Crusading for the Critters

Welcome to the Texas Critter Crusaders website! We are a small, passionate group of volunteers dedicated to helping fulfill the unmet needs of the animals at the Taylor, Texas, Animal shelter. We’re so excited to get this non-profit organization off the ground to help the animals!  The Taylor Animal shelter is a small, city-run shelter, and like many (most?) shelters in small rural towns, they have very limited resources.

aaweb_INSTA_DSC_5131-Dusty-faceThe staff and volunteers do an AMAZING job loving and caring for the animals that come into their care. As shelter volunteers ourselves, we saw a need and wanted to help even more. With the formation of this non-profit organization, we now have a way to help raise funds that are tax deductible for donors that can do even more to help with providing food, toys, medical care, outreach, education, and enrichment for the animals we all love.

We hope you’ll join us and get involved in a way that speaks to your heart. We’re just getting off the ground so we’ll need your help (and perhaps a bit of patience too) as we grow! Follow us and the Taylor Animal Shelter on social media, join us at events, contact us about volunteering, consider making a donation or any combination of all of those! The animals and the people who love them are eternally grateful!

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