Financial Assistance Request

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Even with routine vet and medical care, pets can get hurt or sick and need urgent medical care. But unexpected visits to veterinarian or emergency vet clinics can be costly. Texas Critter Crusaders (TCC), in an effort to keep fur-families together and owned pets out of the shelter, provides financial assistance to owned pets and their families when funds are available.

TCC provides financial assistance for the following:

  • Urgent medical care
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Pet deposits

TCC does NOT provide financial assistance for:

  • Annual vaccinations, prevention medication (flea, tick, heartworm) or supplements
  • Boarding or training
  • Grooming (unless directly related to skin disorders like mange, dermatisis, etc.)
  • Food (If you need food assistance, the City of Taylor Animal Shelter has a Pet Food Pantry that is free to any Taylor resident).

If you would like to request financial assistance from TCC, please click here to fill out the Texas Critter Crusaders online Financial Assistance Request form.

TCC does not provide funding directly to the pet owner but rather through veterinary vouchers or direct payment, or for pet deposits, directly to the rent agent.

*Please note that Texas Critter Crusaders limits our financial assistance to Taylor-area citizens. Williamson County residents (outside of City of Taylor limits) who require financial assistance should contact Fans of Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter via their online Financial Assistance Request Form


For lists of organizations that offer pet owners financial assistance for veterinary care or when pet owners are unable to continue caring for their pet(s), as well as suggestions on additional financial resources and suggestions, visit The Humane Society, TNR Texas, The Pet Fund, The Animal Foundation, Community Animal Resource Effort (C.A.R.E.), the Animal Rescue Foundation and the Animal Humane Society.

PLEASE NOTE: Texas Critter Crusaders does not partner with or endorse any of the organizations/programs included in the links, nor guarantees assistance.

As some organizations are state/city focused, and requirements for assistance vary, pet owners should review the requirements for each individually and carefully prior to applying. We also encourage you to do your own research regarding any of the organizations you contact to confirm they are in good standing, etc. Guidestar is a free and public resource to research any 501(c)(3) organization.

Other options to help with vet care costs are programs like CareCredit or Scratchpay. CareCredit is a healthcare financing credit card that can be used for people and veterinary payment. Scratchpay is an online payment plan for veterinary costs that can be used for any species but is not a credit card. This article via petMD has more information on these programs, as well as pet insurance and pet pharmacies.