I’m Jackie, and I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…but I’m also everything! And I can be your everything, if you let me. Sorry, I’m a big Elvis fan! I LOVE ALL MUSIC. Boy, I’m such a catch.

I walk well on a leash, especially if you let me sniff to my hound’s content. I’m super sweet and love being inside with my humans — even the littlest kind! Not to brag, but my blood work’s flawless and the vet says I got my weight pretty perfect. The vet also said my mammary tumors are non-cancerous! Hallelujah, y’all! Yup, they’re just little bits of fatty tissue, but I call ‘em my lady lumps. I get on great with other dogs, but cats are not my jam.
Come see me for yourself at the City of Taylor, Texas Animal Shelter or call 512-352-5483 for more information.