Nikki here! A bit about me: I was seized in a cruelty case. I don’t know if you’ve heard. I was kept in a crate all day and never let out to pee, much less to play or get care and cuddles. When they found me, I was emaciated and covered in my own waste. I was so embarrassed, but where else was I supposed to poop? They had me locked in that box. I’ve learned now not to be ashamed. I know it wasn’t my fault and I deserve more out of life. Boy, I’ve got a lot to say now that I’m getting real love and attention. I’m quite the talker…almost like a husky! The humans are so impressed. They call me “resilient” — whatever that means. I don’t know big words cause I’m only 8 months old. They also say I’m great with other dogs and super sweet, too. Want to see for yourself? Come get me at the City of Taylor, Texas Animal Shelter or call 512-352-5483 for more. Click here to see more pictures of me!